coloured UPVC windows

If you want to add visual interest to your house, consider installing coloured uPVC windows and coloured window frames. These windows and window frames can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. However, many people prefer to keep the aesthetics of their homes neutral. In this case, neutral shades of coloured windows can be useful.

Coloured uPVC Windows

Coloured uPVC windows can be a popular choice for a range of reasons. For instance, they can add a unique style to your home, or they can be a perfect fit with an interior design scheme. There are a number of colours to choose from for your coloured uPVC windows, including RAL, Farrow & Ball, Dulux, and many more.

Stained Glass


Stained glass is a popular medium for decorative purposes. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages and was used to illustrate Bible stories for illiterate populations. Today, this beautiful art form is still highly sought after.


If you are planning to change your home’s windows and are interested in coloured windows, you may be interested in checking out some examples of Everest-coloured windows. This company claims to offer 787,000 colour combinations and is known for its high-quality doors and windows. The company uses high-quality materials and adheres to strict industry standards, which means you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a great product.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau-style buildings are usually made of sculptural concrete and intricate ironwork, allowing the designer to use a variety of materials to create free-form and nature-inspired shapes. Examples of Art Nouveau buildings include Gaudi’s buildings, which feature highly sculptural facades.


Grisaille is a French style of stained glass that was first used in the middle ages. The monks of the Cistercian order banned colour and figurative art, so the stained glass windows of the thirteenth century were made of translucent glass in varying shades of grey. This was done to reduce distractions from the worshippers’ prayer and devotion to God.


A wide range of steel-coloured windows is available through manufacturers. These windows come with a variety of colour options and are available to order in a variety of sizes. Many manufacturers also offer an extensive range of hardware for these windows. This makes it easy to replace old or worn hardware.

Pale grey

Pale grey-coloured windows are a popular choice for modern homes. These windows feature unobstructed large panes of glass to maximize natural light. This colour also lends a contemporary feel to a home.


If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your home, consider off-white coloured windows. A bold window frame can make a statement against a neutral home, while a pale window frame can be used to highlight architectural elements.

Wood-grain effect

Adding a wood-grain effect to your coloured windows is an excellent way to give your home a classic look. There are many options available, from a light oak look to an authentic knot or wave. You can choose a colour that complements your home’s architectural features, such as brickwork.

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