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Whether you are launching a brand new beauty business or your aesthetic empire has been going strong for years it is always a priority to develop and promote your brand. Having an established and recognised brand forges strong customer relationships and will support your business through every stage of its existence. Naturally the tenured beauty businesses will already have a brand, therefore will most likely have a logo but if you are going through a re-brand or feel your logo isn’t serving your best interests then you may need help in choosing a better one. For the first timers, this article is intended to give you all the basics in choosing your beauty logo for your business.

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Competitor Research

This exercise is an integral part of any business whether its advertising, content writing or product research it’s always imperative that you know what your customers are doing. Why? So that you can do it better than they can. Knowing your competitors is a sure way to better understand your target market and to always stay on top of the trends. Not only so you can learn from your competitors victories but also so that you can learn from their mistakes. You could save yourself a lot of time and effort by avoiding common pitfalls by recognising the mistake in others and applying the lesson learned to your development. It’s the same with choosing your logo. What competitor logos are popular? Which ones stand out? Which ones do you not understand? Find out what aspects of these logos are positive and negative and take note. Finally you don’t want your logo to be the same as any of your competitors so research far and wide.

Choose Your Elements

This one may seem obvious but having relevant and appropriate elements in your beauty logo is a must. You may be laughing and thinking well I own a beauty salon I’m going to have a lipstick graphic. However later down the line once your treatment menu is available and your customers and booking in you may realise that really the main attraction and your unique selling point is the amazing facials that you do and that you don’t really do a lot of makeovers. For those reading this and scoffing you need to remember that when starting a business there is a lot going on in your mind and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by other things. Take your time and think it over. What makes your business unique? Also what would make a great logo that is easily identified and can’t be confused with something?

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This leads us on to the final aspect of choosing your beauty logo. Is your logo versatile enough that it can withstand the test of time? In other words choose a logo that isn’t based on a fleeting trend that nobody will remember in 10 years. Also pick a graphic that will look good in different colours, on different materials and different sizes.

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