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Having perfect teeth is something that most people dream about but never actually attain without the assistance of braces or veneers in Glasgow. Some are born with naturally straight teeth, yet many of us are plagued with crookedness, overcrowding, spacing and some even have serious oral health conditions that can lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss. Braces are the go to solution for all NHS dentists when they have a patient under the age of eighteen who has problems with their teeth. Every child, recommended by their dentist, is entitled to free orthodontic treatment in the UK. However for those who develop problems with their teeth later in life or for those who for whatever reason missed the opportunity to have braces as a child the only option is to go private. There are plenty of places in Glasgow to go for teeth whitening or even innovative teeth straightening technologies that avoid the “train track” brace but if your teeth require more than just straightening or whitening it can be a tough decision to make for where to go. Below we have detailed where you should go for natural looking veneers in Glasgow.Person holding model teeth showing application of veneers in Glasgow

What Are Veneers?

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth which is usually custom made from porcelain or ceramic. Veneers can be used to solve various problems, including to align crooked or crowded teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour. In more severe cases some teeth can become worn down from the damaging acids in food and drink. This thins the teeth and makes them appear dark in colour. Overall when there is visible damage on your teeth, veneers can be installed to correct the problem.

The Berkeley Clinic for Veneers in Glasgow

There is a common preconception that the original, natural teeth must be shaved down into spikes in order to apply the veneer; this is a huge deterrent to having veneers. The Berkeley Clinic are providing innovative solutions for veneers in Glasgow that means you don’t need to damage the underlying teeth structure. The great thing about the Berkeley Clinic is they do everything in house including the technical procedures that usually take place in a separate dental laboratory. This high end practice have their own lab in house where the in-house technician expertly moulds veneers so that they can be attached to your natural teeth.

Woman smiling with perfect veneers in Glasgow

Why Choose the Berkeley Clinic?

Having everything done in house means that you are cutting your treatment time down by a landslide. In the majority of cases you can have everything done during one singular visit to the Glasgow clinic. The team also boast the newest technology, CadCam, which allows the technician to scan your natural teeth for assessment. The shape and shade of the veneers can be expertly matched with your own teeth so that your veneers look as natural as possible. So if you think you may benefit from having your teeth done then visit the Berkeley Clinic for veneers in Glasgow.

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