Foyer with Office Partitions Glasgow Installed by ACI Contracts

ACI Contracts are the go-to contractors for all office fit-outs and refurbishments thanks to their impeccable partition installation skills. We all know how important it is for your working environment to be clean, comfortable and cater to your specific business needs. For example, those with a large workforce will require a large space with plenty of toilets and facilities to accommodate a large team. Small office based businesses will require a more intimate space with desks, chairs and office equipment such as computers and telephones. There are many business owners who come up against the common issue of needing a change in office layout yet perhaps are unable to move building or can’t afford a large construction contract. In these instances ACI Contracts offer the perfect solution in room partitions. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about this specialist service.

ACI Contracts

This company is arguably the best office fit-out contractor and partition installer in the whole of Scotland. With many years of experience in the industry, ACI specialise in office fit-outs, commercial and industrial refurbishment, room partitions, suspended ceilings and office dilapidations. What makes this particular business so highly regarded, aside from the stunning results, is the ability of the team to go over and above when it comes to customer service. No construction or installation project runs perfectly, yet ACI Contracts manage to create an experience that is entirely stress free and surpassing all expectations. Having worked with small start-ups to major established brands, ACI have a proven track record of providing refurbishments and installations of both commercial and industrial premises that are of an outstanding quality.

TV embedded in office partitions Glasgow

Room Partitions Glasgow by ACI Contracts

Room Partitions are a fantastic solution to a large work space that requires to be sectioned off or broken down into smaller more intimate spaces. It may be that you require clear areas designated for different teams or departments, or it could be that the business requires meeting and conference rooms that have privacy. Whatever the reason, ACI Contracts will design and implement room partitions Glasgow that meet your specific needs while enhancing the overall feel of the space. Depending on the effect that you require, ACI will use only the most durable and professional materials that are effective yet aesthetically appealing.

Different Types of Available Room Partitions Glasgow

Glass Partitions

Industrial Partitioning

Folding Screens

Folding Doors

Commercial Partitioning

Steel Partitioning

Wooden Partitions

A different view of the foyer with office partitions Glasgow

Benefits of Room Partitions

There are many advantages to having a large or open plan work space, for example it is usually less expensive for utilities, more flexibility and improved work culture and employee relationships. On the other hand there are more distractions, security concerns and in colder months difficult to heat the entire space. Choose to install room partitions Glasgow will bring multiple benefits, including:

Enhancing the Office Aesthetic

Depending on the materials you choose and the design you want, partitions can be very attractive in comparison to a solid wall.

Cost Effective

It is much easier on the finances to have partitions installed, as opposed to building new walls within an open plan.


If you are renting your space it may not be possible to have a real wall constructed, room partitions Glasgow give you the same effect with the option of having them removed with ease. There is also flexibility to change the layout of the partitions with simple unhinging or folding away, whereas a wall would be permanent until torn down.

Added Privacy and Quiet

Sound travels far in an open space, and can even cause echo. Depending in the nature of the work you do this may be a serious issue for your work environment. Also a lack of private rooms can be an issue in a place of work, especially if you have a team of employees. It is important to have private space for serious business discussions or conversations of personal nature which is sometimes required at work. Room partitions offer solutions to both these issues.

Provides Storage Space

Partitions can be used to create store cupboards or store rooms in open plan spaces, plus with fabricated walls, partitions can be used as pin boards.

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