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In the beginning, building your own business can be stressful as there are a lot of decision that need to be made and a lot of pressure to make the right choice. Choosing a name for your business is one of those things that can drive any entrepreneur mad. What if you don’t like it later? What if you think of something better further down the line? Does it give off the right impression? The name of your business is a huge part of your brand and your brand is everything your business believes in. If you are struggling to find a business name are confused about how to go about it then this article is for you. Below are some simple guidelines you can use as a step-by-step to get to your ideal title.

Be original and be Memorable

Choosing a name for your business may take a bit of time and a great rule of thumb is having a name that is memorable. You want your customers and the public to remember your name once you launch the business. So your name has to be unforgettable. If you can’t remember that cool idea you had for a name a few weeks ago then it’s not memorable enough. Make a list of business names you can remember off the top of your head. This is your inspiration.

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Don’t make it too difficult for Your Customers

Avoid unusual spellings, although you may think this is a cool way to be original, you don’t want to run the risk of people spelling it wrong. This especially won’t help for SEO purposes or if there are businesses out there who have the traditional spelling. Same goes for pronunciation, if your customers don’t even know how to say your business name they will avoid having to say it. That is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Keep things easy for them in order to keep things easy for yourself.

Simplicity is Key

Following from our point about simple spelling and pronunciation, try to keep the length of your title short. Two syllable is ideal and avoid hyphens or special characters. The easier it is for your customers to pronounce and to write down your title the better.

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Although it doesn’t have to be mind-blowing, it should make some sense. Big names such as Google and Yahoo are a big risk, it doesn’t seem so now as they have made it big but there are plenty others out there that didn’t make it who used similar quirky words. Check international meanings of the word you are considering, including slang. Think about Glaswegian dialect alone and all the words used for an entirely different meaning. Plus there are many non-words that we use daily. Businesses wouldn’t be taken seriously in Glasgow if they had a name such as “eedjit”. It may sound like a quirky random word in America but in Glasgow it’s just daft! Don’t get caught out years later when you are doing international business and lose out on a deal because of the name you chose without doing any research.



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