The standard for the management of information security, known as ISO 27001, is recognised worldwide. One of the primary priorities of an ISO 27001 consultant is creating, operating, and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and its policies and regulations.

Companies need to include specific internal security controls in their ISMS to demonstrate compliance with both ISO 27001 and other security processes. ISO 27001, on the other hand, is exclusively concerned with security management, in contrast to most other security criteria. Hence, achieving ISO 27001 compliance is one of the unique ways to verify that your organisation’s safety management is doing all possible to maintain it safely. This is one of the reasons why gaining this compliance is one of the best techniques.

Although we will not provide a comprehensive list of all of the ISO 27001 criteria, keeping in mind a few of the essential standards will give you a fair understanding of what is required of you to comply.


  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Comprehensive risk management and evaluation
  • Personnel security awareness training
  • Audits regularly
  • Leadership committed to ensuring cybersecurity
  • Continuous enhancement and evidence gathering
  • ISMS that is fully operational and deployed

As you would expect, achieving these criteria often needs major overhauls of current security management plans or the development of new procedures for duties already in place at your firm.

Organisations must demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001 to increase their level of security and establish the trust of their customers and business partners. In addition, it may lead to ISO 27001 certification. Nevertheless, an independent audit by a recognised certification body is necessary. Consulting services are widely sought after by businesses as a means of gaining access to professional advice.

What Do ISO Consultants Do?

ISO 27001 consulting organisations provide various specialised services, including developing an ISMS, performing internal audits, onboarding staff, and simplifying evidence collecting. Although each ISO 27001 consultant is unique, the majority provide the following services:

ISMS Implementation

ISO 27001 requires working with an ISMS. ISMSs combine cyber security documents, procedures, and technology. ISO 27001 requires 14 control sets for a secure ISMS, including human resource safety, security systems, and cryptography.

Moreover, an ISO 27001 consultant can assist you in understanding and meeting these criteria while boosting security.

Evidence Collection

Collecting evidence is essential to an ISO 27001 audit since consultants utilise it for a gap analysis and to assess the firm’s security protocols.

Securing Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud security is critical for ISO 27001 compliance, and an ISO 27001 consultant must focus on cloud monitoring. In the best-case scenario, they can assist in implementing and using solutions for scanning and safeguarding cloud infrastructure.

Risk Management and Evaluation

Risks abound in the security environment, and recognising and managing them is critical for data security and ISO 27001 compliance. Risk management is a continual activity that entails maintaining current on the compliance status of each of your providers. In addition, your ISO 27001 consultant should execute and monitor vendor risk evaluations.

Policy Creation

ISO 27001 experts may assist firms in developing security policies and processes that fit their demands and comply with regulatory standards. Businesses must often comprehend its essence to recycle boilerplate, resulting in practices consistent with policy.

Reporting and Auditing

An ISO 27001 consultant can do an internal audit and prepare audit reports. However, not all consultants do so. They also help you prepare for a future audit and produce a readiness evaluation based on your efforts.

Employee Onboarding

An ISO 27001 consultant may assist in enhancing staff onboarding by educating recruits about security. Even if your organisation is already adept at providing security training, a consultant may help make it more effective and widely available to all employees, not just recruits. If workers need to recognise security rules, many auditors may issue exceptions.


Several firms benefit from an ISO 27001 consultant for ISMS development and compliance. Due to the high cost of consultants, many firms have resorted to compliance platforms to design an ISMS, write security measures, and automatically execute audits and reports.

Every ISO 27001 compliance platform includes the services of a consultant, as well as a dedicated account director, and a security specialist. Get a demo now to begin simplifying compliance.

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