Close up of two faces, the left has lip fillers in Glasgow, the right has not

Dr Darren McKeown Aesthetic Medicine Institute is arguably the best clinic offering lip fillers Glasgow. Today, the pressure to look good is two-fold: in reality and virtually. Thanks to the development of mobile technologies supporting the internet and the rise in apps promoting vanity and self-appreciation such as Snapchat and Instagram, we are under pressure to look our best 24/7 with the constant risk of being deemed less than worthy through a lack of “likes”. Although plastic surgery has been around for hundreds of years, it is really towards the end of the twentieth century that it became mainstream and more about perfection and sex appeal as opposed to correcting debilitating disfigurement as it was intended.

Notebook, stethoscope and safety pin lying on desk of lip fillers in Glasgow clinic

Lip Fillers in Glasgow

Men and women have been conditioned by society and celebrity culture to believe that a fuller, plumper lip is much more desirable than that of the contrary. So much so that people are willing to inject chemical substances into their face to achieve their desired look. Developments in the understanding of the lip filler procedure to make results more natural, plus the increasing affordability of the treatment has seen a rise in cosmetic treatments in Glasgow over the past decade or so. The rise in fame of Kylie Jenner, who also has lip fillers, has contributed to the growing obsession with achieving the perfect pout. This has paved the way for clinical competition between the many aesthetic institutes to provide the best lip fillers in Glasgow.

Dr Darren McKeown Aesthetic Medicine Institute

Dr McKeown has a passion and drive to make men and women feel better about themselves. Truly understanding on a personal level the pressure to look a certain way and the damage that low self-esteem can have on a person, Dr McKeown has dedicated his life to studying cosmetic surgery and prescribing the power to be beautiful. This institute is by far not the cheapest in Glasgow, however when investing in a procedure that will alter the way your face looks it is better to pay the price that reflects the quality and skill of the practitioner as opposed to opting for the cheap and inferior deal.

Model with lip filler in Glasgow bursting through pink paper

Lip Fillers by Dr Darren McKeown

Dr McKeown shares with us that the trick to professional and natural lip fillers is using the precise amount of product and injecting into a specific area. It takes years of experience to perfect this technique which is why Dr Mckeown is a favourite for Glasgow with over ten years in the industry. He personally injected over 3,200 dermal fillers in 2016 alone making him the biggest user of juvederm in Scotland. Juvederm is one of the chemical substances used for fillers of the face. Appreciation and recognition of Dr Darren is not only held by the general public but by Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide who listed him “Best for Fillers”. For a clinician who cares more about the patient than the numbers, Dr Mckeown is an obvious choice.

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