Classic Silver Rolex Watch in for Repair UK

Postal repairs are making waves in the jewellery repairs industry as they offer a service like no other. Not only does this business offer an elite team of horologists who have years of specialists training under their belts but it provides customers with a fast and fuss free solution to Rolex watch repairs UK. Despite the care that is taken over your treasured timepiece, it is inevitable that over time it will suffer wear and tear or may suffer a malfunction. Getting a luxury brand watch repaired is a priority for most owners due to monetary or sentimental value, yet many people put this errand off allowing their watch to lie gathering dust sometimes for months on end. Why? Finding a repair service that is qualified to handle your luxury watch can be difficult, especially one that is close to your home or office. For many the inconvenience of having to first drop it off and then to collect is too much in today’s hustle and bustle of modern day living. They offer the duality of convenience and expertise rolled into one.

Close up of machinery inside Rolex watch repair UK


Rolex Watch Repairs UK

Before trusting any company with your treasured timepiece, it’s important to confirm they are fully equipped and trained to handle the delicate mechanisms. They are an accredited Rolex watch service through a Rolex Accredited repair company they utilise. This allows the company to use only original Rolex parts for your repair, therefore you are guaranteed to be happy with the results. All Rolex’s are assembled by hand so in order to maintain the craftsmanship through the upkeep of your watch.

Man holding a watch conducting Rolex watch repair UK

Advantages of Choosing a Postal Repair Company

This trustworthy company offer 12 months guarantee to every customer so you have that peace of mind that no matter what happens you watch will be restored. Once your watch arrives at the repair headquarters, it is checked and logged. The team will report to you the damages and what work is required, if you decide not to go ahead they will return your timepiece to you in a fully insured parcel. They aim to repair everything they received within 14 working days however if for any reason it will take longer you will be contacted straight away. They may also offer a free phone number for their customers so they can contact the business with any questions or queries at no extra cost.

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