Personalised mugs can show your milk or sugar preference.

Teas and coffees seem to be a staple in almost every office around the world. From plain white mugs all from the same Scandinavian superstore to colleagues stealing your “World’s Best Dad” mug, there are mugs of just about every kind in the office. Due to their importance in the office, we think that personalised mugs would be a perfect way to either show your staff your gratitude or just make the place feel more unified. There are so many different suppliers of personalised mugs out there, but we believe in companies who go the extra mile. One such company is MS Mugs. All of the designs on their mugs are applied by hand and then blasted in a traditional kiln in the heart of Scotland. This makes each of their personalised mugs truly special.

Read on and find out more about getting personalised mugs for your office colleagues.

Get Personalised Mugs As Gift

Personalised mugs are always a great choice for a gift, whether it is family or friends or office colleagues. They can be funny, or rude or heartwarming. Anything goes for personalised mugs! When it comes to the workplaces, giving mugs as a gift can be a great idea. A really thoughtful idea would be to give new employees a personalised mug when they start with you at the business. They could even personalise it themselves with their name and preference for milk or sugar! This can help employees to feel part of a bigger picture.

People can take their personalised mugs home or leave them in the office.

Get Seasonal Versions

A great way to help your employees get into the spirit, why not provide quirky seasonal mugs each year. Each month, you can bring out the mugs which will celebrate the holiday or season. Favourites would always include the Halloween mugs, the Christmas mugs and even Summer mugs. This can help motivate employees. It will also give a feeling of a fresh start at the beginning of every month as the mugs are swapped over.

Promote Brand Image To Client

If you want personalised mugs in a more professional sense, why not get your business’ logo or branding on your mugs. For client and business meetings, you can serve coffees and teas in your branded mugs. This will help the client to retain your branding and could be a great promotional idea. You could even give them the mug to take away with them. Preferably not the one they used in the meeting.

Office colleagues can have espressos in their personalised mugs.

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