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Digital Marketing, in particular SEO Glasgow, has been growing momentum in the business world for years now and it’s time that you understood why you need SEO and what it can do for your business. SEO is a marketing method that improves your chances of being found on the first page of the search results for Google or any other search engine. Although PPC offers that same possibility, these two strategies are measured and calculated in different ways. SEO is important as the process of optimising your site for search engines, if done properly, bring many more benefits than just the top of the search results. The way to implement SEO is to build a website that offers high-quality, relevant information for users and search engines that provides the best experience possible. In Glasgow SEO is fast becoming one of the most talked about marketing strategies as more and more freelance or SME digital agencies crop up promising to be the crème de la crème of SEO. How do you know which one to choose? We have reviewed Smarter Digital Marketing, a top agency specialising in SEO in Glasgow.

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Smarter Digital Marketing


24 Sandyford Place, G3 7NG

0141 374 2165

Smarter Digital Marketing are a Glasgow based agency offering various services that aim to increase your business’ visibility online such as SEO and PPC. They also provide Social Media management, website development, graphic design, web hosting, call tracking and email marketing. Specialising in SEO, this company is partners with Google meaning they know how to use Google tools to get your website to the top of the search results for keywords relevant to your business.

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Why You Need SEO Glasgow

Still not sure what the benefits are? Below is a list of just some of the advantages of professional SEO:

SEO in Glasgow Can Improve Your PPC Quality Score

Quality Score for PPC is extremely important. A lot of people don’t realise that the content on your website has a large influence on your PPC quality score. At the heart of SEO the importance lies with good quality content on your website that is relevant and makes proficient use of keywords. Your PPC ads should be aligned with the content on our site so that PPC traffic is being directed to relevant landing pages.

SEO in Glasgow Improves Your Business Reputation Offline

A huge percentage of mobile searches are conducted by those looking for a business that they want to visit that day. By implementing an efficient SEO strategy you will have thorough listings of your business with all the key information required to promote a visit such as address, opening time etc. Also, the public are much more tuned in to technology and digital trends meaning that if your website or content is poor quality it won’t go unnoticed. Having a decent, relevant website that is always up to date and running correctly will make you look professional and a business to be taken seriously and relied upon.

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