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If you have started a new business or are ready to revamp your brand then it is important to spend ample time designing your business logo. First impressions are important therefore your logo should emulate your brand in every way as it is the first thing many customers will see. If you succeed at doing so then you will attract the right kind of customer.

Things to think about when choosing an business logo design

There is an abundance of companies therefore being different from your competitors is important in the process of winning customers. You should already be thinking about what makes your business stand out from all the others. Whatever your unique selling point is, you should communicate this in your business logo. Since it is the face of the company, the logo should convey what defines your business brand. There are several different ways of communication your brand message through logo design.

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Choose the right graphics

Having the right image is an integral part of successful business logo design. The graphics should be a relevant representation of what your company does. The graphic is an ideal opportunity to signify your area of expertise or unique selling point. By doing so, your customer will be reminded of your expertise every time they see your business logo. Once you have chosen the graphic you should ensure it will look good in a variety of sizes. Having an image that is very intricate might make it slightly more difficult. You should try to have a simple image that is recognised in any size and in any material.

Select suitable lettering

Similarly to the graphics, your lettering should be easy to read in any size. Bold lettering is a good style to choose to improve visibility. The process of choosing the font for your business logo is twofold. First of all it needs to be legible. Secondly it should be representative of your brand. A more innovative and creative brand might use an atypical font. While a traditional brand would choose a standard font. The length of your business name will affect the legibility of your font, especially if it is atypical.

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Pick an appropriate colour scheme

Colours bring life to your business logo. Choosing the right colour can have a positive effect on conveying your message to your customers. Since doesn’t have a representative colour therefore you can afford to be creative when selecting the colour of your logo. Think about what your brand ideals are and what the signifying colours are, if any. Perhaps you can use colour to help communicate your unique selling point. If not then you can take this opportunity to make your logo stand out from your competitors.

Competitor Research

At every stage in the business logo design process you should be thinking about your competitors. It is imperative that your business logo doesn’t get confused with another company. Also that you are not seen to be copying another brand. At the beginning of the design process you should conduct thorough competitor research. Know what the company brands are and what the logos look like. This will help when finalising your own logo as you can avoid accidentally having the same colour scheme or a similar graphic.

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